8 Things You Need to Know About iACADEMY's Gen G Program

8 Things You Need to Know About iACADEMY's Gen G Program

  1. Gen G began with a conversation. 
    Conversation is the soul of Gen G. As an international initiative of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change founded in 2008, it promotes discussions, dialogues, and debates between schools and among students through an online video conference.

  2. Dialogues keep the connection strong.
    For Gen G, “Teachers can transport their classes across the world in a single afternoon. Online and through video conferences, students interact directly with their peers around the world, engaging in dialogue around issues of culture, identity, beliefs, values, and attitudes.

  3. This May 2018, iACADEMY will become a Generation Global participant.
    We are one of the Philippine-based schools to participate together with twelve other countries. This participation will help realize the power and purpose of dialogues in shaping iACADEMY’s senior high school students.

  4. The freedom is ours.
    From religion, cultures, practices, and/or beliefs, there is an array of topics to choose from! Participating schools can also suggest topics to discuss, such as ‘How do you practice your faith?’ to ‘What are your hobbies or interests?’ And a session usually lasts up to one and a half hours.

  5. Three I’s for iACADEMY and Gen G: Inclusive, Interpersonal, Intercultural
    iACADEMY’s Senior High School Students will learn to appreciate other cultures, respect other people’s practices, and embrace differences regardless of race, religion, and/or beliefs.

  6. iACADEMY’s HUMSS Students from Grades 11 to 12 will debut Gen G!
    Sir Jake Aragon, iACADEMY’s Senior High School Principal, says they want to debut for HUMSS Students, Grades 11 and 12, hold training sessions in April, and then, execute one video conference later this May.

  7. Spontaneity and Authenticity: The Desired Output from iACADEMY’s Students
    Gen G requires students to speak. While some schools try to rehearse, we aspire students to be natural and candid. We want our students to enjoy and learn at the onset, too!

  8. Gen G is iACADEMY’s take on getting ahead.
    The inspiration comes from three things: 
  • For students to try new things and express ideas in a unique setup
  • For iACADEMY to be recognized in different communities as an institution that fosters non-traditional learning
  • For us to get ahead, as other top Philippine schools are also participating in Gen G

Are you excited to see our Senior High School Students participate in this program? Stay tuned for more updates about Generation G!



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