The Secret to Molding Successful Graduates

The Secret to Molding Successful Graduates


iACADEMY’s Approach to Education

Success, in a general sense, means the accomplishment of a goal or purpose. To a student, it may mean getting top ranks in all your classes or earning Latin honors upon graduating, and both are certainly worthwhile goals to have. However, how we define success shouldn’t be limited simply to the kind of accomplishments we can receive within the four walls of a classroom.

Exposing students to a balance of theory-based and experience-based education not only provides avenues for schools to further assess the learning ability and progress of a student, but also ensures the holistic development of these young minds so that they grow to become more versatile and resilient –two qualities which are necessary for a successful future in the real world. By giving students access to both academic and practical learning opportunities, we are allowing them to reach their full potential.

iACADEMY follows an Outcome-Based approach to education (OBE), which places a greater focus on developing traits and competencies that could better help students lead successful lives after college. The entire learning experience is designed to ensure that these competencies are met, which means that experiences and activities that students have even outside of the classroom are meant to cultivate these core traits.

Mr. Mitch Andaya, iACADEMY’s Vice President for Academics and Dean of the School of Computing, shares, “OBE is an educational strategy in which the curriculum is designed to focus on the learning outcomes students should be able to achieve or display, as opposed to the traditional approach of simply mastering content (mastery-based learning).  It is actually mastery-based learning but emphasis is also given to the WHY instead of just the WHAT.”



Learning Outcomes for Game Changers

The term “Game Changer” is used to refer to someone who studies in iACADEMY. However, it is more than just a title. We define a Game Changer as an individual who is innovative, technically competent, practices professionalism, a critical thinker, a lifelong learner, a team player, and a good communicator. These are the core qualities or intended learning outcomes that the school wishes to cultivate within all its college graduates because we believe they are essential to attaining success in the future.

“iACADEMY has chosen to adopt the OBE strategy so students will have a clearer picture of what is expected of them.  It also gives them a more holistic education since they are trained not only to be technically competent but also to achieve the various attributes identified by the institution,” adds Mr. Andaya.

Employing this kind of approach is not without its challenges. However, as a school that prides itself in having a tight-knit family environment, OBE works well because of how closely teachers are able to monitor each student’s progress. Faculty members will be exposed to intensive training in order to implement this educational approach effectively.  Rather than focusing only on teaching the subject assigned to them, professors are also tasked with the important job of incorporating learning opportunities that will help students develop the intended learning outcomes or qualities mentioned above.

The result of Outcome-Based Education are well-rounded students who are armed with the mental, emotional, social, and practical skills necessary to successfully navigate the rigors of today’s highly competitive world. With our 96% job placement rate, iACADEMY Game Changers have proven year after year that they are fully capable and determined to stay on the path towards success.

To learn more about iACADEMY’s unique approach to education and to find out how you can start your journey as a Game Changer, e-mail us at or call (02) 889-7777 (Buendia Campus) or (02) 889-5555 (Nexus Campus) today.


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