Using Animation to Shape the Filipino Youth and Support Sustainable Development

Using Animation to Shape the Filipino Youth and Support Sustainable Development

During iACADEMY’s Project-Based Learning Expo last December 11 to 15, our Grade 11 and Grade 12 Senior High School students were able to showcase their talents and what they’ve learned in their Animation subjects through different artworks. As part of iACADEMY’s non-traditional approach to learning, the Project-Based Learning challenges students to go beyond everything they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world setting.  


As natives of modern technology, the SHS Grade 11 Animation students embark on a quest to bridge the core morals of the past to the values of the present. With the driving question “How can Filipino-styled illustrations ignite the spirit of patriotism among Filipino youth?”,the result is a collection of Filipino-styled illustrations that would kindle if not ignite the spirit of Patriotism presenting the works of art of yesterday to its contemporary version of today.

Grade 11 Best PBL for Animation: ANI4

Marko Gabriel Capco, Maria Edelwina Armida Gono, Elaine Capinlac, Jherico Paul Maasin, Justine Jane Flores, Gene Angelo Trinidad, Richard Pangilinan


Movie poster 

Book Cover 

Sample art (background) from the book 

We asked the group to share some of their experiences while working on their project: 

Can you tell us something about your PBL entry? What was the inspiration behind it? 

“The inspiration behind our PBL entry was the alamat of “Ang Kalabasa at ang Duhat”. I studied the story a lot and actually kind of struggled with coming up with a new story that will personify the characters from the alamat. We wanted to make Nina (Kalabasa) small, light-skinned, and chubby while Isa (Duhat) is tall, dark-skinned, and slim, in order to show the differences in their stature, and why they are insecure about their bodies. We also wanted to make Arnaldo (Bathala) a strong-looking old man because he is the personification of Bathala, the Creator of All. We wanted him to look very wise but at the same time not too old. Since our theme is patriotism, we wanted to make the characters as Filipino-looking as possible.” - Gabriel Capco

What do you like most about PBL? What were the challenges you faced while working on the project?

“What I liked the most about this PBL project is the fact that we completely shattered everyone’s expectations. I also loved the fact that we all got better in a lot of aspects, teamwork, art skills, efficiency, time management, and understanding. We faced A LOT of challenges because of PBL. My group mates and I struggled a lot trying to finish what we have to do, everyone was trying their best. There were a lot of times where we had to go beyond our limits in order to finish our project. There is no doubt that the PBL is the best way for a student to improve his/her art.” - Gabriel Capco

“What I like most about PBL is that it is challenging and that will help you expand your skills and knowledge in our chosen industry, which is Animation. We were able to experience and try out the things that we would be doing in the future through this project-based learning. I wanted to put a lot of personality in our character while sticking to the realistic theme. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to do it. Our teamwork has improved a lot because with each other and brainstormed ideas in order to get the best possible outcome. The fact that all of our opinions were considered was very helpful because it made me feel like each and every one of us was useful in this project. I think it’s nice that none of us felt left out. Even if we all make mistakes and trip, we all help each other get back up and move forward.” - Justine Jane Flores


Character Profiles

“What I like the most about PBL is the final presentation of our Output because different people are interested in what we came up with and created and different interviewers give some special advice to make our artwork lively and colorful.“ - Jherico Maasin

“I love how we get to create illustrations focusing more on Filipino culture. We researched a lot about Filipino culture and let our imaginations run wild. We get to know more about our culture. I get to know more about myself and my groupmates. We had trials which made us closer than before and seeing our hard work turn into a thing we cherish so much was one of the best things in life that I had experienced.” - Maria Edelwina Gono


With a driving question “How can my specialized skills contribute to the global goals for sustainable development?” our Grade 12 students aim to inspire the world into action. Through the Project-Based Learning, they were able to prove that they are up to the challenge of answering the global appeal for Transformative Solutions for Sustainable Development.

Grade 12 Best PBL for Animation - AN12B: “Jessica” 

Reighniel Abanes, Patricia Cordero, Gabrielle Gamoras, John Simon Simbe, Angela Prudenciado

 Check out their work here:


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