Changing the Game in Fashion: SHS Fashion Design students at the iACADEMY PBL Expo

Changing the Game in Fashion: SHS Fashion Design students at the iACADEMY PBL Expo

iACADEMY’s Project-Based Expo is one of the school’s initiatives aimed at showcasing and bringing out the Senior High School students’ fullest potential. With Project-Based Learning, iACADEMY Game Changers were challenged to put their skills and creativity to the test with projects that will serve not just as an evaluation of what they learned within the semester, but also to benefit the community through solutions for sustainable development.


The Grade 11 Fashion Design students were given the opportunity to research on the great designers of history, utilize sustainable materials, and interpret their concept of the future in a 1:16 scale model fashion.


Grade 11 Best PBL for Fashion Design - FD11

Latisha Roz Tan and Emanuel Riñoza



Grade 12 Best PBL for Fashion Design: Jennica Pagaduan


Can you tell us something about your PBL entry? What was the inspiration behind it?

“First of all, the whole look was inspired by Korean street style. I chose this theme because of the rising popularity of Korean culture in the Philippines. Many Filipinos, including me, are fond of K-dramas, K-pop, Korean food and fashion. When it comes to their fashion, I really love how Koreans are confident to take risks in mixing and matching different colors and garments in order to create a wonderful outfit.

Our task was to create an outfit made out of ukay-ukay clothes or scrap fabrics. As a designer, my aesthetic is more of sophisticated and classy. I usually make designs for gowns and semi-formal attire. However, in this project I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, so I tried to make a design that is more of a street style which was a bit challenging for me since I seldom make urban designs.

Since mix and matching different colors are evident in Korean street fashion, layering is one way to do that. The top mimics, the combination of two garments (turtleneck long sleeves and circular top with leather straps) which creates an impression of layering. I also did a patchwork technique plus the red zigzag stitch on a denim pencil skirt. It took me 3 days just to arrange and patch the overall look of the denim skirt, after that I was able to finally stitch it. The palette (bloody red, white and black) of the whole look would be suitable for Korean street fashion being edgy and feminine at the same time. After I finished the project, I could not be any happier to see my design in real life which I put a lot of passion and hard work in.”


How do you think PBL helps you in reaching your full potential?

“My PBL experiences were, by far, the most incredible and exciting part of studying in iACADEMY. This gave me the opportunity to know myself more, to bring out my capabilities, to enhance my decision-making skills, to step out of my comfort zone, and taught me how to manage my time much better than before. PBL also gives us, the students, a glimpse of the process in the real world which made the whole experience even better. In the end, all the hard work, all the sleepless nights and struggles, really pays off.”



Grade 12 Best PBL for Fashion Design: Eugene Malabad


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