Get to know the Guy from ‘Family Guy’: Peter R. Brown

Get to know the Guy from ‘Family Guy’: Peter R. Brown

ComicCon Asia 2018 is the biggest gathering of like-minded professionals, artists, and comic fans in Asia. Happening from March 24 to 25 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, it is the home to creative expressions and artistic influences. Not only will fanatics meet and greet celebrities, but also, they get to learn from the experts themselves.

This year, iACADEMY’s very own full-time faculty members will share their thoughts in an animation lecture entitled, From 2D to 3D and Beyond. Here at iACADEMY, students recognize Sir Peter R. Brown as ‘the guy from Family Guy’. But he is more than that. Sir Peter did tremendous work for big studios in the entertainment scene, and he is now based in the Philippines as the full-time faculty for 3D animation to hone our Game Changers.

Sir Peter also gives us a preview of his lecture, his aspirations for his students, and how they can thrive in the field. Take note and remember these tips as you setup your career!

Aside from ‘the guy from Family Guy’, walk us through your animation journey.
“I wanted to be a biologist before I became an animator. I got introduced to it at the end of high school, and the rest is history. I went to Sheridan College. They have a three-year animation program. I finished in 1989, and I also worked on some commercials. I worked on FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992) . It’s the first feature I worked on. Then I also worked on the Goofy Movie (1995), after that is Space Jam (1996), which is probably the first one I worked on that most people would know.”

“I moved around some studios. I was here in the Philippines from 1998 to 1999, working on a Canadian show. Then,I went back to Canada again. After Disney didn’t have work for me at that time, I went for a Korean studio but on a Disney show. Exactly right after that, I took a holiday and came back to Korea. People there thought that I was gonna pack up my stuff and go, but I was still sitting there, introduced myself as the new supervisor on ‘The Family Guy’, which was being done in that Korean studio. Later, I worked on Family Guy for five years.”



What is your favorite digital animation project that you’ve done, or you’re inspired by?
“I’ve worked on many. My favorite digital animation project would be The Incredibles (2004), because Brad Bird’s my favorite director (and he directed the animated film). It’s also one of the first digital animation movies that was done not just to be digital. It was done because that was the medium that would best suit this animation project. You shouldn’t do something in 3D or whatever medium just because you wanna do it in that. You should do it because the project lends to that.”

Is animation a product of good storytelling or is it the other way around?
“A little bit of both but it mostly comes from the script and good storytelling. If you have a story that’s wacky, then you have an animation that’s wackier, it can sometimes defeat the purpose of the story. For me, I would come up with a concept, then design a character for that concept, and create a story. I think writers and designers should work together. Animators can think visually but you need a writer to put them into proper narrative.”

How do you foresee the future of your animation students and of the industry?
“The good thing about these students is their attitude. If you go to studios and work for them. If you have an eager ‘I-want-to-learn’ attitude, you’re going to make it very far. There are people who will be better than you, or as good as you. But you need to learn from people who are better than you.

“Animation is a lucrative career, especially if you have the skills for pre-production, actual production, and post-production, which iACADEMY students gain experience in because of our ladderized approach to education.  I dream to see the Philippines producing more of their own animated films and shows, coming up with their own YouTube channel or animation channel. I think these students are up for that.”

What are you most excited about Comic Con this year?
“Being in there because I have never been to a Comic Con before.”

How is your lecture different from other lectures at Comic Con Asia 2018?
“The title will be From 2D to 3D and Beyond. I will talk about the history of animation and how it emerged into 2D because I realized people who come to this may not have an idea of what animation is at all. I will also talk about how Family Guy started in 2D and now transitions into 3D. I will also show some videos on animatics and 3D that does not look like 3D.”

What tips can you give to budding animators who wish to build their name in the industry?
“Draw all the time. The more you draw the better. Also, observe things. Draw from life. Don’t just draw from your head. They should be carrying a small sketchbook that they have all the time. It’s not just for sketching but it should also be a living journal. Write down ideas. Doodle. But you should definitely draw people, anything, for reference. And if they have a hobby, they should also be taking photos but thinking about film. Another is, watch film--live action film. Not necessarily ‘Transformers’. Go back to some good old live-action films.”

Catch Peter R. Brown’s lecture entitled From 2D to 3D and Beyond on March 24, 2018, 5:00pm-7:00pm at Meeting Room 1, SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Philippines.

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