iACADEMY Project-Based Learning Expo Features SHS Multimedia Arts Students’ Artworks

iACADEMY Project-Based Learning Expo Features SHS Multimedia Arts Students’ Artworks


Our Senior High School Multimedia Arts students continue to push boundaries through iACADEMY’s Project-Based Learning Expo last December 11 to 15, 2017. Project-Based Learning challenges our students’ creativity and sharpens their abilities to incorporate what they have learned throughout the semester into projects that are also beneficial to the community.

Grade 11 

The Grade 11 Arts and Design students were able to showcase their skills by creating coffee table books that promote environmental awareness with the driving question: “How can visual arts be a transformative call for sustainable environmental awareness among Filipino citizens?” The students were able to demonstrate their multimedia arts skills while integrating key content learned from the other subjects.


Grade 11 Best PBL for Multimedia Arts and Design - MMA2: “Metanoia”

Karl Cedrick Marquez, Alexandrea Alberto, Ailissa Erika Sanchez, Jezreel Gayle Cabalonga, Nickolo Eusebio


Get to know more about the winning group’s experience as Karl Cedrick Marquez, the team leader, shares some of their favorite parts about PBL and the different challenges they were able to overcome:


Can you tell us something about your PBL entry? What was the inspiration behind it?

“The inspiration behind our plan was the mindset our team has made that we will not just create the book for the sake of grades, but also to learn. We will take this PBL task as a big opportunity to expose ourselves to the real world and connect with different organizations and professional individuals’ stories.

Our book must contain original photos, so my team went to different barangays from Paranaque, Pasay, Mandaluyong, and even Quezon City to capture photos that will widen our perspective when it comes to environmental awareness.”



What do you like most about PBL? What were the challenges you faced while working on the project?

“The experience was indeed extraordinary, I am proud to say that my team did something that was beyond our boundary. Through my team’s effort, we have been exposed to different environmental organizations and professional individuals that really made a huge impact when it comes to our understanding regarding the reality we are facing right now. We interviewed Hon. Edwin Olivarez, the Paranaque City Mayor. We also interviewed Mr. Gregorio Dela Rosa (Research Head of Haribon Foundation), Mr. Khevin Yu (Campaigner of Greenpeace Philippines), Atty. Mel Sta. Maria (Dean of the Institute of Law, FEU; and TV5 Relasyon Host), Mr. Rolando Macabuag (Theology Educator, Saint Andrew’s School), and Ms. Clarissa Paranas (Filipino Educator, Saint Andrew’s School).”




“Aside from the interviews, we are so blessed because through the help of the local government, our team has been granted the access to visit LPPCHEA, the first critical habitat in the country. We were assisted by Ms. Myrna Aberasturi and Engr. Terry, officials from CENRO-SWAESO.

How do you think PBL helps you in reaching your full potential?

PBL helps us reach our full potential because we are being challenged. We learned how to follow and lead, as well as how to maximize our creativity because this is a big opportunity to show what we can do and what we are capable of. We also learned that we should not settle for less, that we should aim to reach the real world and go beyond our boundary. Lastly, because of PBL, we were able to improve our skills in photography, layout and design and photo editing.”

Grade 12 

As future movers and shakers of our society, our iACADEMY SHS Game Changers are no exception to being involved in contributing to global goals. With a driving question “How can my specialized skills contribute to the global goals for sustainable development?” our Grade 12 Multimedia Arts and Design students aim to inspire the world into action. Through the Project-Based Learning, they were able to prove that they are up to the challenge of answering the global appeal for Transformative Solutions for Sustainable Development.


Grade 12 Best PBL for Multimedia Arts and Design Group 1 - MMA12A

Ruka Azuma, Danelle Aguirre, Beatrice De Castro, Julian Cuanang, Eibbron Josh Lu

Read on to learn more about one of the winning groups’ PBL experience as they share some of their favorite parts about working on their project:


Can you tell us something about your PBL entry? What was the inspiration behind it?

“Since we are living in a world where technology is being used in most of our routines and that the K-12 curriculum is a new system in the Philippines, we wanted to see if educational aids, particularly audiovisual typography and vector graphic educational videos affect a student's understanding of a certain lesson, thus our concept for the PBL came to reality. We made two educational videos of different running times (60 second and three minutes in relation to existing articles that are related to study) to see the effects of which and its running time. We wanted to be as close as possible to our research study.” - Ruka Azuma


“The inspiration behind it was because we had to connect our strand, MMA to solve one of the SDGs. We narrowed our options down and, since videos have become a part of teaching and have been an option for teachers to aid us in understanding, we then wanted to measure, really, the legitimate effect.” - Bliss De Castro

“As we are at the ‘Era of Information’, technology's influence on mankind has grown exponentially over the past decades and that the amount of information available has become limitless. We originally thought of a different concept for our PBL, which was using social status in determining the academic proficiency of a student, in retrospect it's a good concept, but because of critique and of certain limitations, we had to readjust and create a new concept for our Project. We then went with the concept of using visual and audio materials as educational aids, to see the effects in academic performance of a Grade 11 student. We wanted to improve the quality of teaching and information for students to grasp topics taught in school much easier and be able to learn more efficiently.” - Eibbron Josh Lu

Check out the link to their Audiovisual Typography and Vector Graphic Educational Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqTFLp2fzTs&feature=youtu.be



What do you like most about PBL? What were the challenges you faced while working on the project?

“PBL really makes the students think critically, and since we work with groups we learned as a team and those are two things that are also needed in the future once we start working or undergo our immersion. It really is an application of the things the semester has taught you, but at the same time it challenges you and teaches you other things, new things, along the way. Time was one of the problems that we had to deal with, mostly the lack thereof. An example would be working on meet-ups since my group mates and I don't live close to each other. Also, since we also had other requirements that would take up our time as well I think we wouldn't have given as much time that we wanted on the research paper which was the backbone of the PBL.” - Bliss De Castro

“This was a new semester and a new challenge for both me and my group mates to face, being able to interact with different kinds of people was what I found the most interesting part of creating our project. Our team faced challenges of different degrees though, from miscommunication to the lack of time that was valid to do the work that we needed to finish. In the end, we managed to push through and create a PBL that was able to both inform and entertain the attention of the viewer.” - Eibbron Josh Lu

How do you think PBL helps you in reaching your full potential?

“I believe that the Project Based Learning, amidst the stress, communication problems, and other related issues, helps a student reach their full potential by being able to build rapport with his or her group mates that can be used in the industry. For the past three semesters that we have been doing the PBL, the common ground is that your passion, determination, and cooperation would help you create an output that is of good quality. You need to able to communicate well with your group mates and set aside the differences that you have. The industry will be filled with a lot of peer pressure and stress and I think that PBL helps us become ready for these types of situations.” - Ruka Azuma

 “At the end of the day, the biggest challenge is realizing that I, myself, am my biggest competitor. Each member would contribute no matter how tiny that idea is. Each individual has their own potential and has different ways to reach their full potential. And we want to give the best that we have and don't let our team down therefore we were eager to create something that we never actually thought that we had. Actually, I don't think that I did reach my full potential yet because there are thoughts of "I should've done this" and " I wished I've done that." - Julian Cuanang

“Diamonds are made with very high pressure, and I think PBL has the same effect on students. They come out strong, equipped with what they've individually learned from the whole experience and because of that they shine.” - Bliss De Castro

“I see the PBL projects as a way for students to grow better as individuals and improving their sense of interaction with one another. Though each one differs from another, the willingness to pass is the light that will guide students to persevere through the challenges that they'll face creating the mark they wish to give and create, both for themselves and for others to see.” - Eibbron Josh Lu


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