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In this rapidly changing global society, progress begins with learning. More than just giving an education, iACADEMY equips its students to build higher, dream bigger, and aspire greater.

The iACADEMY Academic Seal is composed of several elements that are significant to the institution:


The torch is a universally recognized symbol for light. iACADEMY, being an educational institution, brings light to the world by means of ensuring students with our own brand of a focused education that aims to provide all the skills our students would need to succeed in their career of choice.

Changing World:

Instead of a flame, the torch holds in its center an illustration of the changing world. iACADEMY is a progressive institution that takes the fast changing global society into the equation and updates educational curricula according to the current demands and standards of the different fields that students would enter upon completion of their respective programs.

City Skyline:

iACADEMY is located in the heart of the Central Business District. Our students are not only given the very best possible training and education, but are also immediately immersed in an area where the future is in present.


iACADEMY is committed to arm our students with the knowledge and skill sets that they would need in their fields of choice. Every program is designed and updated with full consideration to the current progress and significant developments of the global market.


The inner circle represents the circles of support and influence that surround us: family and friends, teachers and advocates.


The outer rays reflect our place within the greater society to which we dedicate our learnings to contribute to continuing progress.
iACADEMY Buendia Campus
324 Senator Gil J. Puyat Ave.
Bel-air, Makati City Philippines 1209

iACADEMY Nexus Campus
7434 Yakal Street,
Barangay San Antonio,
Makati City Philippines 1203