Office of Student Affairs and Services

The Office of Student Affairs and Services provides opportunities for iACADEMY students to be engaged in curricular and extra-curricular activities.

As a part of the thrust of iACADEMY to develop the students holistically, all members and leaders of student organizations are given opportunities to develop their creative and leadership skills.

The formation of student groups and conduct of activities and programs directed towards the social, cultural, physical, and recreational growth are iACADEMY’s responses to the needs of future leaders and innovators.

Academic Organizations

iACADEMY Junior Marketing Association

iJMA is comprised of committed Business Administration students who aim to spread knowledge and skills in the marketing profession through relevant programs and activities.


AEGIS envisions a healthy and enjoyable environment for all its members to help them discover, learn, and develop many of the broad skill sets necessary in Game Development.

Software Engineering Through Academics and Leadership

SEAL is dedicated to the promotion of Software Engineering and development of future engineers by organizing responsive projects and events.


Pikzel represents the student body's graphic design community and promotes students' interest, talents and skills in graphic design - be it traditional or digital.


MODA aims to uphold, enhance, and expand the learning of students particularly in the field of fashion design that will help them become pioneers in the industry.

Creative Society

Creative Society aims to find and realize the hidden talents and creative skills of its members. It also reaches out not just to Animation Students but to others as well.

Non-Academic Organizations

Athletics Organization

Athletics Org. is an organization that promotes health and wellness through sports and other outdoor activities. It also aims to develop sportmanship, camaraderie, and teamwork among iACADEMY students.

Music Organization

Music Org. recognizes individuals with talents in music. It aims to enhance the musical, recreational, social and cultural environment of iACADEMY.


OPTICS involves the lens and the camera as a medium of forming an art which light captures aesthetics in the propety of light.


Rhythm is dedicated to the preservation, study, teaching, and enjoyment of Western and Filipino traditional and historical dance.


Cinephilia aims to stimulate students interest in short film making and to utilize their interest in promotion of values and morals.


iACT is a theater guild that focuses on the art of theater and stage management.

Independent Organizations

Central Student Organization

The CSO shall be the sole, unified, autonomous and democratic representative body of the students of iACADEMY. The prime duty of the CSO is to protect and defend the students rights as embodied in the Magna Carta of students and to organize relevant student development activities.

iACADEMY Collegiate Organization for News

iCON is the official student publication of iACADEMY. It provides the iACADEMY community with news that shall serve as an agent of change, accountability, fairness, and responsive within the institution.

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